The study of people
during COVID-19

The Pandemic Project is a social psychology initiative that is studying how our everyday lives are affected by the coronavirus outbreak. For many of us, our worlds, our work, and our social relationships are changing.

The research team brings together scientists from around the world to better understand how the pandemic is affecting our daily lives, mental health, and connections with others.

We need your help. Take the COVID survey, which takes 10-15 minutes, and learn how your reactions to the outbreak compare with others.You will get personal feedback about your coping methods with information about what may work best for you.


The COVID Social Psychological Survey.

The Covid Survey is an online questionnaire that takes about 15 minutes to complete. A series of questions are included that ask about the ways people are thinking about and responding to the current coronavirus outbreak. Individuals who complete the survey will get specific feedback about their coping strategies along with information that might help them deal with the current uncertainties.

Although optional, we are also asking participants to provide an email address so that we can contact them sometime later to see how their thoughts and behaviors may be changing. Except for the optional email, no other identifying information is collected.

Expressive Writing Exercises

Some of the most common reactions to the COVID-19 outbreak are feelings of uncertainty and fear about social isolation, job loss, health, and other parts of life. Solid research evidence suggests that writing about emotional upheavals can reduce feelings of distress, improve sleep, and even boost mental and physical health.  The expressive writing webpages provide a series of exercises that may help you think about, understand, and cope with some of the issues you may be living with.

For each of the 5-10 minute writing exercises, computer-based feedback is provided that can be downloaded or emailed. Although the writing samples will be analyzed, they will remain secure and confidential.

Assorted Personality Tests

Experimental tests and exercises from the Language and Personality lab. These tests are diverse and would give you feedback on various facets of your personality.

More projects coming soon.