Exploring Yourself

Who are you?

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Date of Birth
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The purpose of this assignment is to analyze who you are. When you are ready to begin, you will have 15 minutes to explore your deepest thoughts and emotions about who you are. Before starting, however, you might spend some time looking at yourself in a mirror, thinking about yourself, and imagining what others think about you.

Here are some questions you should address while you are writing:

Who are you? What are the features of your life and personality that make you who you are? How are your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors unique?

What are the forces that have shaped your life? In describing yourself, you might link your personality to issues such as your childhood, your relationships with parents, friends, or others. Perhaps there have been major life experiences that have helped to shape who you are.

How do other people view you in comparison to how you see yourself? What traits do you have that stand out and that others notice? What parts of yourself do others not see?

In thinking of yourself, what are you most proud of, most ashamed of, most worried about? What are the deepest values or beliefs that may be influencing you most?

What psychological principles or other aspects of your psychological background may have influenced you to see yourself differently?

Whatever you choose to write about, it is important that you explore your very deepest thoughts and feelings about who you are. Please think about this seriously before you begin to write. Once you are ready, press the button.

This project relies on some new methods to analyze the ways people write in order to better understand their personalities. These methods are experimental and should not be assumed to be absolutely correct. After your writing, you will be given feedback about your writing sample. Although we have never had any problems, you should know that this website is not completely secure. Do not include your name or any other identifying information. Anything you write will be kept in confidence.